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In 2011, with the support of TÜBİTAK TEYDEB 1507, R&D studies on Turkey's first domestic wind speed meter (anemometer), wind-vane, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, data recording system (data logger) were started and the project was launched in 2012. It has been successfully completed and the sensors have been turned into final products. In addition to TEYDEB support, radiation shield, aviation lamp and wind warning system have also been developed. After the end of the project, product optimization and development activities continued.
Although Tech-Sen (does not have a legal entity), total product sales turnover was 1,474,776.08 TL in its first year of commercialization in 2013 and its second year in 2014. This turnover consists entirely of domestic sales. Approximately 1,875,000 Euros of import costs were avoided.
The global meteorological measurement technology systems market is 500 million USD. However, as renewable energy project sites transition from geographically the most productive to less productive sites, and as a result of global warming and many sectors begin to attach importance to meteorological measurement, the market size is increasing and is expected to reach 1 Billion USD in 2030.
Today, 80% of the global market belongs to US, German, British and Scandinavian companies. Due to technology intensity, production is almost non-existent, especially in India, China and other Far East Asian countries.
With the knowledge gained after the completion of this project, a new project was applied to TÜBİTAK TEYDEB in 2014 and it was approved. With this new project, it will complete its meteorological device sensor range and become one of the few companies in the world with such a rich product portfolio. With our new project, which was applied in 2014 and accepted in April 2015, sensor designs and prototypes that will measure other meteorological parameters such as sun, snow and rain, as well as wind measurements, will be made and these products will be produced locally.
After this second group of R&D studies, TechSen will now have a significant part of the meteorological product portfolio, and its target is export. New sales channels and geographies will be its main target. For this purpose, by obtaining the necessary international certificates and standards, the turnover target for 2020 is 10 Million USD.
Capacities required for local production (physical capacity - area and machinery park)
An electronic component assembly line is needed for the assembly of the electronic equipment of the sensors. The production and typesetting of electronic equipment is currently done outside. The CNC lathe required for machining the aluminum bodies of wind speed and wind direction sensors with appropriate tolerances is available in our company.