We will create strong business identity by providing strategic guidance to our subsidiaries and affiliates for capacity building and growth, while meeting international standards of excellence in all aspects of business operations, processes and ethics.

The aim of our strategy for 2014-2019 is to provide direction for all our stakeholders, keep us on track for fulfilling our vision and to reinforce our focus on creating shareholder value.

We have identified what we believe to be our key growth and performance opportunities, having evaluated a series of options. Against the current backdrop of market consolidation in our sector, a clear strategy for growth underpinned by improved performance is vital.

Our strategy will ensure we are strongly and appropriately positioned both for today's varied markets and tomorrow's opportunities.

There are five pillars to our strategy and all operating companies will have business plans that complement and reinforce this strategy:

  • Diversified sector and regional growth
  • The Teknam Way, operational efficiency for improved performance and continuous innovation for sustainability
  • Reinforce Client Care & Key Account Management
  • Increased focus on Joint Ventures and Alliances
  • Supporting the strategy - taking advantage of economies of scale and global connectivity.

While the strategy states our ambitions and provides direction, we will still remain alert to other opportunities that arise. The strategy, as a route map, will assist us in realizing the growth and improved performance that will ensure we achieve our vision of becoming the outstanding company in our sectors, the most attractive employer for staff and the best choice for our clients.

Teknam 's key success is all about value creation. Teknam 's success rests on processing regional professional expertise in diverse sub-energy industries, partnering with experienced energy industry world leaders, and carefully analyzing all investment decisions for optimal returns to its shareholders.


Teknam then begins to take specific steps to develop and implement business plans. It takes a hands-on approach and is heavily involved in the management of its portfolio companies. Strategies are developed jointly by portfolio company management and Teknam to ensure that companies maximize their efficiency and properly utilize the synergies that exist within the Group.






Teknam’s vision and core values help to define the culture of the group, motivating our staff to give their best and instilling in our clients confidence that we will deliver solutions of the very highest quality.


New Technologies


Tech-Nam Analytical Systems develops basic analytical technologies and plays a leading role by transferring its new technologies to other business segments.