The ability to secure strategic partnerships with key international players in each of the sub-industries of energy, has been at the core of its successful investment strategy.


This well-cultivated network of strategic partnerships enables Teknam to offer large, multi-faceted enterprises with contacts, managerial talent and technical expertise that few others in the market can offer. As corporations increasingly turn to mergers and acquisitions, partnerships of this nature will continue to lead to a significant number of investment opportunities for Teknam over the next few years.

Open Innovation Model

We understand that partnerships are essential to driving growth and delivering greater added value for Teknam’s customers. No company, large or small, can succeed alone in the world of breakthrough products and services. We believe that through the combination of our own expertise and the complementary talents and capabilities of our partners, we can advance our value and, together, be leaders in creating a better world.

To foster creativity, share risk and harness innovative solutions, we join forces with partners who complement our own skills and technologies. This allows Teknam to work across functions, organizations and countries to address the needs through collaborative research and development, product licensing, supply and distribution in markets across the world.

Partnerships benefit Teknam’s own innovation efforts by making it possible for us to access the best technologies and the leading experts around the world so that we can better understand the most important issues and, together, bring new solutions to the market. Alongside partners who share our values and offer innovative business models, we work to identify and develop new technologies, business models to address existing and emerging conditions.









ERIH Ventures understands the needs of growing uncertainties of project development and management in Turkey. In addition, our extensive industry network and access to additional financing complement to renewable energy investments. This combination makes ERIH Ventures an ideal partner both for Investors and renewable assest owners.




Teknam has a high emphasis on performance, and we link both career growth and rewards directly to merit and achievement. Right from the entry level we draw career maps for each employee.