The roots of Teknam goes back to 1992 with the establishment of Teknam Analytical Instruments Limited and has diversified into manufacturing, services and trading over the years since then. Over the last decade, it has grown through strategic partnerships, or through greenfield and brownfield development projects, capturing new markets and innovating new products and services.

Teknam and ERIH & The Company whereas both had common shareholders, merged their operations in 2011 and restructured the organisation under the gable of Teknam Group in 2012. Today, it is the mission of Teknam to fulfill steering, coordination, control and audit functions, as well as to generate value for the Group, monitor activities of the Group companies on behalf of the shareholders, and perform the financial audit and administer control systems. Teknam aims to create competitive companies that put regional growth at the focal point of their operations.

At Teknam, we believe that creating long-term shareholder value, through a distinct focus on innovation, best practices, corporate governance and risk management, is far more important than merely creating the traditional ROI. The continued support and encouragement of our valued shareholders, not just vindicates this belief but also constantly encourages Teknam to continue achieving greater heights.

A majority of the companies of Teknam are in the development stage or early stage of their life cycles. Teknam is composed of 7 subsidiaries and brand companies in the sub-fields of energy and energy related technologies only which of are either Turkey’s firsts or leaders in their fields. ERIH Energy Trading is the only energy commodities trading company active in the European Energy Markets with power and environmental products since 2008. On the other side, Tech-Sen is the only Turkish company who Turkey’s first and accredited air related sensors developer and manufacturer – Thanks to our R&D power. Tech-Wind is far market leader in the wind measurement systems and equipments which are developed and manufactured fully inhouse. Our venture philanthropy, myclimate Turkiye is fighting against climate change by promoting low carbon society and economy in Turkey since 2011. Teknam is now seeking to maximize the value of these services and brands in the global context.

Under the principle of responsible and transparent management, we induce value maximization of each subsidiary by improving business competitiveness and management efficiency. At the same time, we realize our business philosophy ‘Independent Yet Together’ by creating management synergy between each subsidiary.


Energy investment


Our founding members share more than 30 years’ experience in renewable energy. This powerful blend of know-how, proactively drive solutions and deliver sustained performance with integrity.




myclimate and Orduspor continue projects to draw attention to fight against climate change in Turkey.

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