ERIH Ventures is an active venture investor committed to backing world class entrepreneurs seeking to change industries through innovation, creativity and the promotion of environmentally sustainable products and services. At ERIH Ventures, we partner with and invest in top-tier management teams who are reinventing how people buy, sell and use "resource innovations" – the next wave of cost-advantaged, sustainable solutions for the world's ever-growing demand for energy, water and other key resources.

By leveraging our extensive market presence and network of international partners, ERIH Ventures is able to provide fund management services to deliver higher returns to fund investors while promoting a more sustainable environment. ERIH’s energy experts are equipped to provide are essential elements of our renewable energy asset management capability, ensuring responsive dispatch operations, clear communication, risk management and the ability to respond quickly to unplanned outages.

Meanwhile, ERIH Ventures has been launching Turkey’s first "Sustainable Energy technologies Fund I" focuses on only sustainable technologies or clean technologies of Turkish start-up companies that are supported by macroeconomic fundamentals and offer the potential to generate uncorrelated, above average returns on a sustainable basis. ERIH Ventures's strongest asset is its people which enable to bring experienced personnel drawn from the technology and financial sectors to apply specific skill sets in corporate finance, business development and industry analysis.







ERIH Ventures understands the needs of growing uncertainties of project development and management in Turkey. In addition, our extensive industry network and access to additional financing complement to renewable energy investments. This combination makes ERIH Ventures an ideal partner both for Investors and renewable assest owners.