We take exceptional care when choosing our staff and offer real career prospects – as new joiners can readily see all around them. We have never “parachuted in” Senior Managers from outside the company: every single one of our Managers started at the ground floor, coming through to lead the business thanks to their own enthusiasm, talent and commercial drive.

Hiring a staff is one of the most critical concerns Teknam evaluates, since the selected individuals will and are supposed to be our most important resource for our cross-cultural interconnections, industry adaptive innovative skills and high-quality consulting services in energy and finance.

Our prospective staff should easily adapt diversity, obtain the service integrity, be ambitious to succeed and should be able to make right commitments in an independent environment.

If you have the related degree or degrees to be in our company, if you have the sufficient linguistic skills to carry on multi-cultural tasks and if work life and lifestyle of Teknam appeals to you, then you should not be hesitating to apply for a position in Teknam.